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Container gas station for Avtologistika company

Опубліковано в News, Projects, дата публікації: 15.09.2018

Robotanks company designed and produced Container gas station (CGS) for Avtologistika. In July 2018, companies signed bilateral contract and in September that year CGS was shipped to the customer’s storage area.

Avtologistika is an international group of companies and an integrated provider of logistics services in the automotive industry. Nowadays, it is Ukraine’s sole terminal placed directly in the port and also is the largest specialized automobile complex in

According to the contract’s specification, CGS was designed as a single mobile technological system with structural steel tanks (CGS transportation is possible only if there is no fuel in the tank as distinct from type ROBOTANKS KM, which can be transported with fuel inside). CGS is manufactured from St3 steel according to All-Union State Standards 380. One tank is for diesel and the second one – for AdBlue. This type was named CGS ROBOTANKS K2.

CGS ROBOTANKS K2 Technological System:

  • fuel storage tank
  • AdBlue storage tank
  • pipelines for technological system connection

CGS ROBOTANKS K2 Equipment and Completing Units:

  • top platform and ladder for its service;
  • supports in set for station installation on the prepared site;
  • technological compartment with roll-shutters;
  • double-walled single-section horizontal steel tank in capacity 40 m3, AdBlue storage
    tank 2 m3;
  • fuel issuing pipelines to the fuel dispenser in the set;
  • desliming pipe in set for tank with diesel;
  • drain node for tank with fuel in set (coupling, crane, valve, fire arrester);
  • measuring pipe for mechanical measurements of diesel fuel level;
  • system AdBlue issuing;
  • container gas station security systems – lamp in explosion-proof design, emergency ventilation system, automatic fire extinguishing system;
  • fuel dispensers for diesel and AdBlue in set;
  • remote departmental display;
  • system for continuous monitoring the level of light oil products;
  • tank heating with AdBlue with regulator and thermometer;
  • security alarm system;
  • Tank truck grounding device.

Container gas station ROBOTANKS K2 photos

Container gas station for Avtologistika company photo 1
Container gas station for Avtologistika company photo 2
Container gas station for Avtologistika company photo 3
Container gas station for Avtologistika company photo 4
Container gas station for Avtologistika company photo 5
Container gas station for Avtologistika company photo 6

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