Container gas/petrol/filling stations Robotanks

Mobile (portable) gas station is an integrated prefabricated item intended for the acceptance, storage, and delivery of a number of fuel types for the commercial and non-commercial (in-house) purposes, and it is capable of accepting cash payments and handling bank as well as corporative fuel cards.

Advantages of the product are low investment expenditures, small footprint areas, minimum operating costs, and simplicity of shipment.

There is no need to build operator’s room, laying of communications, water supply, sewerage, and heat supply when installing refilling station, and this lowers to a great extent both capital investments and operating costs. A small area is needed for the organization of the container refilling station functioning, that will allow to install filling stations fuelling vehicles at limited areas, at vehicle companies, departmental garages, building sites, and within the settlements where appropriate ground for the refilling station cannot be rendered and land rent is very high.

Container refilling stations can be manufactured for handling one, two, or three fuel types and be completed with double-walled tank, tank refilling system, fuel delivery system equipped with dispenser, forced ventilation system, fuel filters, tank level control system, CCTV system equipped with alarm, explosion-proof lighting, autonomous power supply system, and payment terminals.

container gas stations robotanks

Robotanks provides container gas stations
with a wide choice of equipment

  • control system of the level and condition oil products for monitoring its supply and preventing emergency situations
  • mobile pumping stations instead of less functional fuel dispensers for quick vehicle refueling and pumping a large amount of fuel;
  • autonomous power supply system or manual filling system (without power supply);
  • rib stiffeners and heavy-duty frame, suitable for operation in the complex conditions and withstand loads up to 4G;
  • fasteners on the frame for loading / unloading container gas station (filling station) by a vehicle with a multi-lift system or a crane;
  • payment terminals – flame proof and anti-vandal for receiving payments on self-service stations (Robotanks Container gas stations – K4 is excellent for maintenance the retail sales of petroleum products). Payment terminals received high security rating and quality certificate of the National Bank of Ukraine;
  • special-purpose equipment designed on the Customer request.

Types of ROBOTANKS Container Gas Stations

Retail or commercial container gas stations

Retail or commercial CGS is a set of equipment and software that allows you to organize a mini-gas station or a self-service gas station within short deadlines and with minimal costs. Commercial CGS operates in automatic or semi-automatic mode (with operator) and be completed with vending machines for selling coffee, tea, food or auto accessories.

Departmental container gas stations

The perfect solution for departmental (internal control) fuel accounting and prevention of unauthorized fuel discharge by drivers, gas station operators and third parties. The most effective are in conjunction with the fuel level monitoring systems in the vehicle. Access to the vehicle fueling is achieved using special indicators.

Mobile container gas stations

The specificity thing about the mobile CGC is its ability to transport gas stations with a large capacity of petroleum products and is significant both for military and civilian purposes: refueling vehicles under the field conditions, on the place of work activities or hard to reach places.

Besides, container gas stations are conventionally classified according to a number of indicators, among which:

  • automation level: automatic, semi-automatic and stations without automation;
  • types of oil products: container gas stations for diesel fuel, petrol, AT, Ad Blue, and their combination (the CGS produced by our company can have up to 4 types of oil products with a total capacity of up to 40 m3);
  • number of tank shell: single-shell and double-shell
  • container overall dimensions: 20ft or 40ft ISO-container, and also containers with arbitrary size;

Product advantages

The product advantages are clear: low investment expenditures, occupies small area, minimum operating costs, easy transportation.

When installing CGS, there is no need for construction an operator room, supply of communications, water, heat, and sewerage which significantly reduces the amount of capital investment and operating costs.

The organization of the CGS work requires a small area, that makes it possible to place gas stations for vehicles in limited space places, at automobile companies, departmental garages, construction sites, in settlements where cannot be allocate space for usual gas station and land rent is very high.

Container GFS – K4

CFFS design and security systems used in it allow to use the station for retail sale.

Container GFS – KM

Designed for oil products storage and refueling on unprepared sites. Frame can bear significant overloads (up to 4g)