Container petrol station “Robotanks K3”
for the retail sales of oil products

Container-type fuel filling station, K3 type is a filling station with a ground tank designed to store and dispense oil products. CFFS design and security systems used in it allow to use the station for retail sale. Station can be provided with a shed, price and information display, advertising surfaces and easily fit in urban environment.

Small size of the station allows to install CFFS in places where it is impossible to install usual FFS with underground tanks or cost of land is too high. CFFS of this type allows to reduce investment volumes, commissioning time and operating costs several times comparing with standard FFS. Station can be performed to operate in automatic and semi-automatic modes.

It is also possible to equip CFFS for operation in semi-automatic mode – the operator controls oil products parameters and storage conditions and in manual mode (without automation) – the operator controls all parameters of oil products storage and delivery.

Capacity of the cistern: up to 40 m3
Occupied area: up to 25 m2

For safe CFFS operation in automatic (cold) mode, the product is equipped with the following systems:

  • two-walled tank for oil products storage (1 to 4 types) having total capacity of up to 40 m3 equipped with a set of technologic equipment;
  • oil products delivery system;
  • filling station dispenser;
  • vehicles identification system;
  • explosion proof external and internal lighting system using light sensor;
  • technologic compartment;
  • tank filling system equipped with an electric pump;
  • automatic fire-fighting system;
  • tanker truck grounding device;
  • electronic continuous oil products level control system;
  • ventilation system;
  • CCTV equipped with motion sensors and video recorder;
  • alarm system controlled on-line;
  • tank shell condition control system;
  • ambient air condition control system;
  • 2 operators’ GSM transmitter, radio, and Wi-Fi communication; and
  • software for the monitoring of the condition of all the aggregates and container filling station with the on-line data transfer to filling stations network dispatcher and warning on working parameters going beyond the permissible limits.

Specification of container petrol station “ROBOTANKS K3”

– standard specification
– optional specification

1 – Automatic container petrol station
2 – Semi-automatic container petrol station

# 1 2
double-walled tank
system for oil products delivery from filling station dispenser
explosion-proof lighting system
technologic compartment
tank filling system
tank filling pump
automatic fire fighting system
tank truck grounding device
remote pistol panel, display and tensioning drum
vehicle identification system
digital price display
electronic monitoring system of oil products level
ventilation system
video surveillance system
alarm system
control unit compartment
fine fuel filter
tank, fuel lines and filter heating system
tank shell control system
environment control system
autonomous power supply system
payment terminal
uninterruptible power supply system of the control module
individual design