Container gas station ROBOTANKS AZMA is an aviation fuel storage and distribution system designed for refueling departmental or private helicopters in conformity with the ISO 1CX Container Standards.

This station has high mobility and is ready to operate under adverse conditions and in remote places where it is difficult to find a stationary filling station or a tank farm for aviation fuel:
– in mountainous areas,
– hard-to-reach areas
– in the field
– in ports

  • АZMA has an autonomous power supply system and can be self-supported
  • It can be delivered by airline service, rail, road and maritime transport, as well as a multi-lift auto loading system.
  • ROBOTANKS AZMA can be transported with any amount of fuel inside.
  • Easily installed on an unprepared surface.


АZMA comprices:

  • The АZMA includes a filtration system that meets international standards EI 1581
  • The pumping unit allows to refuel the helicopter in a matter of minutes
  • The upper loading system enables to refuel AZMA at oil depots in the stowed position
  • Pumping system provides filling of AZMA from a fuel truck within 30 minutes



  • stainless steel tank
  • oil refining system for aviation fuel
  • tank filling system
  • oil products issuing system
  • fuel filling system with flow rate up to 300 l/min
  • autonomous power supply system (diesel generator)
  • system for monitoring level and condition of oil products in the tank
  • automatic fire-extinguishing system
  • hook lift for the “multilift” system