Container gas/filling/fuel stations “ROBOTANKS K0”

About container gas/filling stations “ROBOTANKS K0”

Container gas station “Robotanks K0” – it’s a filling station with ground tank for oil products storage and delivery on the territories of transport companies, farms and construction sites. It can be performed for use in semi-automatic and usual (without automation) mode and transported by road and rail way. “ROBOTANKS K0” can be equipped with oil products filling system in the tank trucks. The system is designed for top or bottom filling of the tank trucks and for delivered product measuring.

container gas/filling stations ROBOTANKS K0
container gas/filling stations ROBOTANKS K0

Complectation of container gas station “ROBOTANKS K0”

– standard complectation
– optional complectation
– unavailable

1 – Semi-automatic container gas station
2 – Container gas station without automation

# 1 2
technologic compartment
tank filling system
oil products dispensing system with filling station dispenser
explosion-proof lighting system
tank filling pump
tank truck grounding device
vehicle identification system
fine fuel filter
system for machinery manual filling (without power supply)
system of oil products filling in the tank trucks (upper or lower type)
electronic monitoring system of oil products level
autonomous power supply system
monitoring system of oil products delivery
system of station equipment remote control